Caring for employees, DPPUL continues to hold health care lectures

Date: 2020年12月02日    Hit: 4295

    Recently, I was very fortunate to invite Director Zhang Jincheng of Xiaolan People's Hospital to visit DPPUL and give a health care lecture on 《tumor identification and comprehensive treatment》 to all our staffs. We hope to spread the knowledge of preventive health care to the employees, and to do a good job of prevention and examination in advance, which is a very meaningful activity.


    In the lecture, the Director Zhang mainly introduced the current common types of tumors, the overall incidence of cancer in China and the current medical treatment methods. He said the latest research on cancer in the world today shows that "cancer is preventable and treatable". The early diagnosis and early treatment of cancer make cancer is no longer a "terminal disease", but it is necessary for individuals to timely check and treat their physical conditions when there are changes, so as to avoid delaying the best treatment period.






    During this lecture, everyone benefited a lot, one after another on their own physical condition to director Zhang asked questions and got answers. This lecture has achieved great educational and popular science achievements, and we will continue to report similar health care lectures regularly, so that the employees can understand diseases, prevent in advance, promote health, early examination, early prevention and early treatment.


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